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In my hopes to take DistantCoder down I did my best Pegasus impression and used a bunch of unreleased Elestrals cards to throw him off his game!

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Teaching you Elestrals with games against members from our Discord community!

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Welcome to the Mythical and Magical world of Elestrals!

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My favorite deck to play right now, Stormy Seas! A fun combination of Wind with Fowlicane and a little Leviaphin package to float Foamee into the best options! This deck utilizes Nexus really well with Peagust Recieving Spirits multiple times.

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Showing off a fun hand destruction deck with a splash of the top tier card in Elestrals right now! See the powerful Secret Card everyone is afraid of.

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You requested it so we brought the Ursa Subclass Bears to the table! Urscout, Ursmog and Ursear form a fun little combination that can swarm the field to set up for big plays in the later part of the game!

Elestrals has been funded on Kickstarter! Banner Image

Over $1.4M Raised

Elestrals has been funded on Kickstarter!

Elestrals raised over $1.4 million dollars from over 7,500 backers! Check out the Kickstarter for campaign updates!