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Founders Edition

Ohmperial Starter Deck

Elestrals2022Card Set

Thunder shakes the heavens and lightning splits the skies as an electrifying current strikes from the heights of Mount Olympus! Join forces with almighty Zeus and shocking allies such as Lycavolt, Cygnetric, and Boombatt to smite all who oppose you. Are you worthy to call upon the greatest of the gods and wield his Thunderbolt? <br> * Elestrals * 3x Quackle * 2x Cygnetrik * 1x Ohmperial * 2x Toxion * 2x Galvenom * 2x Raiceros * 2x Sparkitt * 2x Astrabbit * 2x Jolten * 2x Boombatt * 1x Spinymph * 2x Warmite * Runes * 2x Nectar of the Gods * 1x Ambrosia * 1x Circle the Sky * 2x Zeus * 2x Mt. Olympus * 2x Thunderbolt of Zeus * 2x Thunderstorm * 2x Earthquake * 2x Shield of Achilles * 1x Pandora’s Box * Spirits * 15x Zaptor * 3x Teratlas * 2x Vipyro